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  • Computer processors of the future, beyond Silicon – Part 1

    Our reliance on computer processors, the main workhorse in the computer, has grown exponentially every second year, following what is known as Moore’s law, which means the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years. We are however reaching an upper boundary for what is physically possible. The laws of physics are …

  • Data Recovery company that actually data recovers

    Everyone probably at some point tried loosing their data, or partially loosing data due to faulty hardware. Most people are then faced with having to Google for a company can help them, which is where the problems start. The data recovery industry is a clutter and a mess of of false reviews, bad mouthing each …

  • The keygen HTML element

    One of the very little heard about HTML elements is the <keygen> tag. As usual this is not supported in the inferior Internet Explorer, but obviously supported in pretty much any other mayor browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari browser, as well as most likely some others. When browsing to a secure website, …

  • Bitcoin tools and applications

    With the recent boom in Bitcoin, one should always arm themselves with the most important application to help in the trading and understanding of how Bitcoin is working on a more technical level. Bitcoin IS a technical tool, and is being used a currency, but keep in mind that its underlying features are pure mathematical, …

  • HTML5 framework that works!

    Looking for a kick ass HTML5 framework that fits all needs? Well Bootstrap might just be that. Since getting our hands on Bootstrap more or less all admin interfaces, login panels and in general administrator driven projects have been based on the Bootstrap framework. For those that are unaware of what frameworks are, here is …

  • DNA & Bio computer

    Researchers all over the world are scrambling to build the next generation computers, as our current silicon computing technology soon wont be able to even catch up with Moores law. The future bet is on DNA computers, chemical computers or a merge between electronic computers and DNA computers. In our last blog post, DNA storage was …

  • DNA storage for harddrives

    DNA storage has been theoretically and practically proven, with a pair of researchers from Cambridge University, lead by Nick Goldman, showed that a song and a photo was stored in DNA and played back from the DNA, with a 100% accuracy. This was also done previous by a team of scientists from Harvard University. DNA …

  • ASIC devices for Bitcoin mining finally arrives!

    The much long speculated ASIC devices finally made their entry into the world of Bitcoin mining. A young Chinese entrepreneur  named Yifu Guo, was the first to sucesfully complete and ship a working ASIC device, capable of hashing/mining Bitcoin’s at an astonishing speed compared to FPGA units and GPU cards. ASIC stands for Application-specific integrated circuit, …

  • Mega launches!

    Kim Dotcom’s latest project, aka. Mega, has just launched after a lavish party in his New Zealand mansion. After Mega Upload was shut down by the FBI exactly one year ago, Kim Dotcom is back with his latest project. What is uniquely different about this one is that all files hosted on the Mega cloud …

  • Spintronics Memory

    Another great tech that may hit our shelves is Spintronics. Another technology that supposedly changes our electronic computers to perform even better. While our past article about memristor technology focused on memory storage without charge, spintronics is a different ballgame. Spintronics studies the properties of the electron spin and improving the efficiency of electronic devices by utilizing a …